School Bhubaneswar is yet another dream project of the College of Engineering Bhubaneswar, a class by itself, to accomplish the mission of making quality education affordable in the state of Orissa and to respond to the ever-growing educational needs of the Temple City of Bhubaneswar, soaked in legends.


School Bhubaneswar is situated in a serene and pollution-free environment with lush verdure hills as the backdrop and away from the din and fast flowing vehicular traffic of the city. The school offers a congenial ambience to pursue academic excellence. The campus is advantageously located in the institutional area (Koustuv Technical Campus) of the capital city in neighborhood of the Infosys, TCS, College of Engineering Bhubaneswar and many other educational institutions.


Well-stacked library with a vast number of books on various subjects helps the children to widen their intellectual horizon. Books being the best companions, pupils can be in the company of books during their leisure hours.


An efficiently operated, cushy fleet of transport system on all important routes within a radius of 10kms makes the school accessible from all the corners of the Temple City. Conveyance charges are fixed.


State-of-the- art computer lab opens for the children limitless options to enhance their learning process. Computers have become inevitable part of life. Information regarding anything is at their finger tips today, courtesy computers.


Playgrounds include football field, volleyball court, badminton court, khokho court and kabbadi court. Play grounds are extension of class rooms. Sports and games have sobering and soothing effect. Healthy minds dwell in healthy bodies. Therefore, FBS leaves no stone unturned to encourage sports and games.


"Child-centered" pedagogy means giving primacy to children's experiences, their voices, and their active participation. This requires that the basic needs in terms of adequate nutrition, physical exercise and other psychological requirements be addressed. Periodic height, weight and medical check-up of the students are part of the health assessment.

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