A well-stocked library empowered with the latest Lib-Sys software is provided to support teaching and research oriented activities, academic programs and technical development programs which manly focus on leveraging the need based intellectual capital. The library is well-furnished with a wide range of books, Journals, newspapers, research publications and periodicals. As such the students can easily avail of a larger collection of books at KGI library related to the technical and the management education in order to enrich their sphere of knowledge and skill.


Laboratories & Workshops

KGI maintains the state of the art labs and workshops which enable the students to conduct experiments leading to the transformation of theoretically acquired knowledge & skills into practice. The optimal use of a verity of teaching-learning tools in the class rooms/labs thus ensure proper acquisition of intended subject knowledge through interactive approaches.

The efficient & high quality supervision of the lab tasks under the care of highly qualified professionals and the most palatably well-equipped laboratories & workshops do provide the most appropriate and conducive atmosphere for our engineers in the making to acquire the up-to-date hands on experiences in their respective fields of studies.


Lecture Halls

The lecture halls at the institute are not only thoughtfully designed to inculcate high quality learning environment but also are properly equipped for the best education imparted through various media like OHPs, Multimedia presentations and display panels. The use of a variety of learning tools in the class rooms do ensure thorough experimental acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Since Role Plays, Case Studies, Project Works, Field Experiences, Assignments, Quizzing, Seminars & Industry Visits are some of the silent features of the class room activities/programs, our students thus do feel properly encouraged to develop analytical skills which help them to contribute to various forums like in- house publications, workshops & seminars.


Hostel (Koustuv Residency)

A Hostel plays vital role in developing, intellectual, social & cultural aspects of the life of a student. It is in the hostel the students coming from North & South, East & West find their home with a difference after staying away from their native homes. Hence, a hostel aims not only to create a different atmosphere but also it provides the facilities that our students need to become successful, mature and socially responsible & environment friendly individuals. In this regard our Koustuv Group of Institutions provide all the residential facilities to its student boarders and all the hostel rules & regulations, the guidelines & supervision rules are directed towards these ends . As the resident scholars & colleagues it is up to the wisdom of the students to make use of the facilities well and help one another in achieving the objectives of their stay here. It is widely acknowledged that our Koustuv Residency is much more than just a place to live in since it primarily provides the scopes to learn the art of community living.

The hostel facilities at Koustuv Residency with its world class infrastructure make the college life quite easy ad appropriately comfortable for its student boarders. It comprises of separate hostels for the boys and the girls thereby attempting to create a second home for the student boarders who enjoy all those required facilities that can help them to grow and become holistic individuals. The rooms of the hostels are quite spacious and well furnished with computer terminals which enable the students to have 24 hours access to internet facilities. Moreover the Hostels are well managed by the senior Faculty members and the resident supervisors /the wardens / the superintendents who make all out efforts to ensure homely academic atmosphere with in the hostel premises.  


Health & Wellness Care

KGI has the provision of providing routine medical checkup facilities to its students who are normally attended by an appointed medical practitioner. In addition to this KGI complex has the advantage of enjoying the medical assistance from the major hospitals like Kalinga Hospital, Apollo Hospital, KIMS Hospital, LV Prasad Eye Hospital & Aditya Care Hospital which are located within a proximity of 2KM distance only.



KGI Provides transportation facilities to all the members of its hostel boarders as well as the day scholars for which it maintains a fleet of buses which ply regularly on the stipulated routes between the twin cities i.e. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and the outskirts of the temple city. Besides the scheduled regular trips, this transport facility is also extended to our students on other occasions like campus placement drives, special coaching classes, study tours, industry visits etc.



A healthy mind lives in a healthy body appropriately maintained with the help of proper food intake. Hence our in-campus mess facilities, KGI-cafeteria, Snack bar and the Juice Centre offer nutritious and fiber rich food to ensure a well-balanced KOUSTUVIAN diet supplemented with Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams snacks and other eatables for instant energy boosts. Serving Buffet meals, good quality snacks, soft drinks and other past-time eatables in neat and clean surroundings is one of the salient features of KGI-Hospitality Concept.


Bank & ATM Facility

To facilitate money transactions Syndicate Bank is operative inside the campus and the admitted students are at liberty to avail of the bank facilities along with zero balance student account. In addition to this the entire KGI complex is also surrounded by other nationalized & private banks with ATM facilities so that the students do not face any kind of difficulty in their bank related tasks/ requirements. Further, if required, the college authorities also provide guidance to the needy students to obtain study loans from the leading banks subject to the approvals made through the required formalities as specified the particular bank authorities concerned.



"Health is Wealth" - is our slogan; and for the same the institute maintains and manages enviable infrastructure facilities like a basketball court, a volleyball court, a badminton court and the play grounds, martial art exercise ground and yoga halls for the outdoor and indoor games and sports activities like hokey, football and cricket which help foster the physical , psychological and moral health- wellness of our students.


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Koustuv Group of Institutions was started in the year 1999 and has grown up over the years.Train and educate students of Business
Management to meet the rigours of the dynamic and constantly changing businessworld. Greetings! A warm welcome to Koustuv Business School.
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