22nd January 2021


It is notified for the information of all the students that, College of Engineering Bhubaneswar (COEB) has been declared as a local chapter of SWAYAM NPTEL. So all the students are advised to register for their preferable courses. The steps for registrations are mentioned below.

This is Compulsory.

Step -1 :Browse https://swayam.gov.in/NPTEL

Step -2 :Choose  Category as Engineering and Technology

Step -3 :Choose Sub-Categories as your Branch

Step -4 :View Subjects under Upcoming (Enrollment Open)

Step -5 :Choose your subject of interest and click to open

Step -6 :Click on JOIN button

Step -7 :Click on Sign up now and fill your credentials like Username, New Password, Confirm New Password, Email Address

Step -8 :Click on Send Verification Code

Step -9 :Check your mail for the verification code sent from Microsoft on behalf of SwayamOpenID

Step -10:Enter the verification code in Swayam Registration page and click on verify code

Step -11:Click on CREATE button

Step -12:Save profile page will be opened automatically, where you fill the personal details

Step -13:In the Save Profile page, under Education Details Heading, Fill answer to the question “Part of a SWAYAM Local Chapter?” as “Yes”

Step -14: After Choosing our state as “Odisha”, select our college name from the drop down list as “COLLEGE OF     ENGINEERING BHUBANESWAR, Bhubaneswar, ODISHA”.

Step -15:Select your Area as “Engineering” and your Department concerned from the drop down list

Step -16:Tick the 2 check boxes to agree the Swayam Terms of Service and follow the Honor Code

Step -17:Click on the SAVE button