29th January 2021


It is notified for the information of all the MBA (4TH semester) students that, the college will reopen on 4th February 2021. As per the BPUT curriculum, the final semester students have to do either major project in the college or they should go to the industry for the internship. The final decision will be taken by the college authorities and the students are advised to obey that. Students are advised to follow the following guidelines.

Guidelines for the Students  

  1. They should bring the consent letter of their parents before coming to the college.
  2. They must produce the Covid – 19 negative reports and the report must be issued within 72 hours before their joining in the college.
  3. Student must bring their own mask, sanitizer, hand wash/ soap with them. If any student is suffering from asthma, cold, cough, sneezing then his/her parents are requested not to send their ward to the college. Student should not bring mobile, I pad, Laptop to the college. They are also advised not to bring iron, water heater to the hostel. If any student belongs to the containment zone or any member of his/her family is suffering from Covid – 19 then he/she should not come to the college.
  4. Unless emergency arises, the parents will not be permitted to meet their wards in the college/hostel. Only in case of emergency either the parents or local guardians will be permitted to meet their wards.
  5. Students are advised not to bring any food items from outside. The students should maintain social distance during their stay in college and hostel. They are always advised to wear the masks.
  6. They should wash their hands at regular intervals for 40 seconds and should also use sanitizer in between.
  7. Students will not be permitted to go outside during the hostel hours.
  8. They must bring their own bed sheets, pillows, clothes and utensils for staying in the hostel.
  9. They are advised to clean their own utensils after taking the food regularly. They are also advised to wash their own clothes, bed sheets, etc.
  10. No student will be permitted to use the utensils, clothes, bed sheets of other students.   

The above guidelines must be strictly followed, failing which disciplinary action will be initiated against the defaulters.