23rd August 2021


The physical class room teaching of final year students (7th semester) will commence from 1st September 2021. Students are advised to attend the classes regularly and should have minimum 75% attendance in each subject failing which, they will not be permitted to appear the University examination.

The faculty members and students are advised to follow the following Covid – 19 prevention Protocol.

  1. The faculty members and students residing in active contentment zone shall not be permitted to attend the college.
  2. Face mask shall be mandatory.
  3. Frequent hand washing/hand sanitization shall be ensured.
  4. Social distancing (6feet) shall be adopted in class rooms, libraries and laboratories.
  5. Spitting shall be strictly prohibited.
  6. Respiratory etiquettes shall be strictly followed (i:e covering one’s mouth and nose by handkerchief while coughing and sneezing).
  7. Self monitoring of health should be encouraged.
  8. Reporting of illness by students and staff members should be mandatory.